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Customized Automotive Foam Suppliers Provide Protective Cushioning

Thanks to technological advancements made by NASA in the 60s, dense foam material, which was used in orbital vehicles, eventually came to be used for car seats, marine flotation devices, and as cushioning for medical equipment and bedding. Today, auto manufacturers rely on the materials and products offered by automotive foam suppliers for use in automobile seating and headrests, and foam is also utilized to cushion any impacts during accidents.Most automotive padding is made of polyurethane materials, as they offer a high degree of density and viscosity. Because this kind of material is reactive to pressure and body heat, it conforms well to use in a variety of furniture and seats. Use of the material also lessens noise inside of a motor vehicle and adds to a more comfortable drive, especially if you must sit for hours at a time.Molding and Shaping the MaterialFortunately, memory-type materials can be cut and shaped in a variety of ways so they can be easily incorporated into automotive seats or other furnishings. All you need to do is work with the supplier in formulating a plan for cutting the material. How the substance is cut and used is dependent on its density and it malleability. Different materials exhibit different properties, and those factors must be taken into consideration before a block of material is molded or shaped for use. While some materials are designed primarily for cushioning, others are made for the sole purpose of safety. Working with a company that is well versed in the applications of foam products in engineering enables manufacturers to find the exact product that will fit their production needs.Types of CushioningEvery manufacturer has its own preferences with respect to cushioning. Foam is available in a number of varieties, including viscoelastic, fabricated, gel, self-skinning, and rigid urethane options. In addition, automotive foam suppliers provide automakers with such services as fabrication, molding and cutting, and sewing. Engineering support also features computer-aided design (CAD), tooling development, prototyping, and assessment of physical properties.Self-Skinning MaterialsIn the automotive industry, self-skinning fabrics are often used for headrests. The fabric features a high-density layer on the outside that safeguards a lower density core within the material. You will also see the material used in the production of baby seats and other forms of protective and safety padding. Armrests, office chairs, and even keyboard trays will contain the material. The self-skinning material is even used in the making of stage props, shoe soles, mattresses and medical instruments.Molded, High-Resilience OfferingsWith respect to seating, HR fabrics, or molded, high-resilience foam, is made at a density of 3.0 to 4.0 pounds pcf (per cubic foot). The fabric is made to outfit the cushioning for office seating and furniture. The material is also an ideal choice for customization, as it can be fabricated, molded, and cut for a variety of uses. Automotive cushions, marine flotation devices, office furniture, and mass transit seating all make use of the strong and multipurpose fabric.